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Earth is on a collision course with a major economic and environmental disaster. At least that’s what the New World Governments have convinced us to believe. We’ve passed the point of no return and the only way for humans to survive is to follow a strict 5 point plan. If you follow it you’re with us. Question it? You’re the enemy. Associate with anyone who questions it? You’re even worse.
The safest option is to obey, but small groups of people are beginning to spread the idea that maybe none of this is real. Anya, originally deep into the 5 point plan, is starting to falter. Deep inside she feels a planetary awakening is about to occur, and her galactic origins are slowly revealing themselves.
5D Starseed is a new NFT project about spiritual awakening, ascension and the origins of humanity. It will span into 2023, beginning with a series of conceptual artwork (available here) and eventually leading to a limited edition book that will be available to token holders. You can find out more about the 5D Starseed project below.
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