Electrified Art for Nissan ARIYA:
TBWA approached me to create an Electrified painting for Nissan UK to promote the release of their new electric car, the ARIYA, and to celebrate the city we all love - Birmingham. And you know me, I don’t do things by halves - so I went 100% retrowave, Manni style.

The final painting was displayed on billboards. It was also converted to a 3D world and can be explored in the Nissan Electrified Lab
Drafts: Initially I put together 3 drafts for approval. All 3 had electrification at their heart, but came at the theme from different perspectives.
Draft 1 - Two Brothers
Draft 2: Sunset Chasers
Draft 3: Portal Showdown
Final Painting: The final piece chosen to go forward was Portal Showdown. Here's the final piece...
Final: Portal Showdown
Process Video & Metaverse Experience: Here you can see my painting using my Wacom Cintiq and Rebelle 5 Pro. You can also see how the painting was recreated in 3D for the Electrified Lab.
Billboard Spots: Here are a few of the billboards that displayed the painting.

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