M. S. Gill is an artist, animator, and music producer who's been honing love for storytelling for over 20 years. With a soul that resonates with 80s nostalgia and retrofuturism, he's a true connoisseur of the past and future.
Growing up in the 80s and 90s, he immersed himself in Super Nintendo games and iconic Saturday morning cartoons like Thundercats, Ulysses 31, and Transformers. Those cherished memories became the seeds for his creative journey.
Now known as Retro Manni, he brings inspired visions of cyberpunk and retrowave cultures to life. Manni's fantastical worlds are painted to the rhythm of pulsating synthwave beats, the soundtrack to his cinematic universe.
Yet, there's more than meets the eye. Beneath the neon aesthetics, Retro Manni's stories are rich with ancient spiritual mysticism, bridging the old and the new in captivating narratives.
He's not just an artist – he's a creator of heroes for the age of new Earth. His work is a voyage through eras and dimensions, where 80s retro vibes meet the contemporary complexities of today's world.
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