A New Home (Short Film)
It was the middle of the night. We had no choice but to grab whatever we could, carry the kids into the escape capsule and take off. There was nothing left for us here. All of the memories stayed with us, everything else was left behind to burn.​​​​​​​
Artificial Dreams: Conscious Intelligence (Short Film)
Deep inside of Faltech Labs, a prompt engineer used state of the art AI supercomputers to create the next generation of intelligent machines. See for yourself. 
Operating System: A.I. Prompt Line [Version 1.0.23] (c) 2022 Faltech Labs. All rights reserved.
(Inspired by the AI Art of Vincentfunart)
Atlantis Ascending ft JPZ (Music Video)
Atlantis is real, this is the story of what really happened.
Winner of the inaugural Teztones competition on Objkt.​​​​​​​
Interdimensional Sunrise
[Welcome to the Fifth Dimension]
Let me guide you from your dark reality into the light.
From the light into the void, where possibilities are endless.
From the void back into the light.
And from the light back into reality.
An endless loop that expands beyond everything you think you believe.
Retro Manni - Signature
Retro Manni's signature ident with 80s, nostalgic VHS vibes.
The Synthetic Revolution: A Cyberpunk Saga
The city of Synthetica was a marvel of modern science and engineering. It was a sprawling metropolis of towering skyscrapers and glimmering neon lights, with a population of millions. But beneath the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a new form of citizenry was growing: robots.
(Collaboration with AI filmmaker, Lucid Dreamer)
Retro Man ™ Level 1: Retrowave City
Retro Man races through Retrowave City on his first mission. Pixel art animation created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Retro Manni's Genesis Cyberpunk Collection on Tezos.
Retro Man ™ Start Screen
Start Screen for an old school game, Retro Man. Created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Retro Manni's Genesis Cyberpunk Collection.
Retro Man ™ Level 2: Orion Starbase
Level 2 of the Retro Man game. Inspired by the classic Nintendo game, Star Fox, Retro Man launches from the mothership and flies through an assault course for training.
Midi Controller Collectibles
Created these Midi Controllers in Blender to gift to judges and collectors who took part in the inaugural TezTones event on Objkt.
Not Available
C-BOT by Faltech Labs™
Meet C, the face of our state of the art caregiver bot. Built from the ground up using our patented artificial intelligence models to meet the demands of the modern world.
Faltech Labs™ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atom Corp. Industries (2049)
3D art created for the Tezos Outpost 2049 audiobook collection.
Break the System
The old ways are coming to an end. We're making way for something new. Exhibited at Tezos in Lisbon during NFC. Infinite looping video created in After Effects from a still photograph of Queensway, Birmingham, UK.
Tezos Outpost 2049 (Title Sequence)
You have arrived at Tezos Outpost 2049. Thank you for travelling with Atom Corp. Have a nice day. 3D title sequence created for the Tezos Outpost 2049 audiobook.
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